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In January 2021 the ASTM Commission has released a new version of the Standard Test Method for Determining Residual Stresses by the Hole-Drilling Strain-Gage Method, named ASTM E837-20.
The main update of this version is the introduction of the residual stress calculation both for uniform and non-uniform stress field also in case of intermediate thickness of the specimen under test.

For this reason SINT Technology has developed a new version of its Evaluation Software, fully compliant to the ASTM E837-20.

Main Features of EVAL 7.3

  • Introduction of the uniform stress calculation both for “Thick” and “Intermediate” thickness workpieces according to ASTM E837-20.
  • Introduction of the non-uniform stress calculation both for “Thick” and “Intermediate” thickness workpieces according to ASTM E837-20.
  • Extension of the main EVAL Software features (Viewers, Report and Uncertainty) to the new ASTM calculation algorithms.

More details about EVAL Software

A new version of the ASTM E837 method for the strain-gage hole-drilling residual stress measurement has been recently released by the ASTM commission. The new version, dated 2020, supersedes the old one released during the 2013.

Additional information can be found in the dedicated page of the ASTM E837-20 standard (

The main improvements of this new version of the standard are related to the residual stress calculation mainly in case of intermediate depth: this is an important issue in order to extend the capability of the hole drilling method also to low-thickness metal sheets.

The implementation of the intermediate calculation case is done both for uniform and not-uniform residual stress distributions.

The practical steps of the hole drilling measurement remain the same as in the past and for this reason the MTS3000-Restan System is still fully compliant with the new version of the standard.

SINT Technology is still working on the ASTM E837-20 in order to prepare an updated version of the EVAL software and the ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation of its laboratory according to this new version of the standard.

Further information can be found on the page dedicated to the standard (

COVID-19 is changing many aspects of our life and work. Due to restrictions in travelling, in-site measurement campaigns are strongly limited. For this reason SINT Technology has decided to offer its measurement services and plant performance assessments even in a new remotely assisted mode. 

Our technicians will follow you step by step from the installation of the instrumentation and software configuration up to the sending of data for their processing.

Contact us for more information!

In this difficult period in which we are physically distant due to the pandemic in progress, SINT Technology has decided to update its window on the world and is therefore pleased to announce the launch of its new website with a renewed graphic design and richer contents.

In the next weeks, there will be many news regarding our services and products… stay tuned!

SINT Technology will be present at the at the 5th Historic Mortars Conference which will take place in Pamplona from 19th – 21st June 2019.

The HMC 2019 is open to scientists, architects, restorers, conservators, historians, archaeologists, heritage professionals, companies and cultural stakeholders.

The Conference will focus on research about aspects concerning technology and characterization of historic mortars.

Here below some topics to be discussed during this edition of the Conference:

  • Historic production, processing and application of mortars, renders and grouts
  • Mortars in archaeological sites. Construction history. Archaeometry. Dating of historic mortars.
  • Conservation issues concerning mortars, plasters, renders and grouts. Diagnosis. Decay and damage mechanisms. Case studies.
  • Preservation. Consolidation materials and techniques. Development of new products. Preventive conservation.

For further information you can visit the official website 5th Historic Mortars Conference.

SINT Technology will participate at the 14th edition of the MCM Milano which will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in San Donato Milanese,  on 18th April 2019.

The event’s program includes Ing. Luca Santucci’s speech entitled “Condition Monitoring and Industry 4.0: from data collecting to predictive and prognostic diagnosis”.

More info regarding the event on the official website: