SINT Technology is to be at AIAS’s 34th National Conference where it will be giving a presentation on “Evolution of high-speed drilling technology for evaluating residual stresses by the hole-drilling strain gage method” and have exhibition space to personally illustrate its products and services to the public.

The Italian Stress Analysis Association’s mission is to promote the advancement of knowledge regarding methodologies for analysing stresses in mechanical components, structures and systems, methodologies supporting mechanical design engineering and the study of the mechanical behaviour of materials. AIAS’s annual National Conference is therefore an important opportunity for those who study and work in those fields in universities, research organisations and industry to share their experiences.

This year the Conference will be held in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering at Milan’s “Politecnico” University (Bovisa Campus)

The course is organized by Assindustria Firenze and will be held by Emilio Valentini. The purpose of the course is to provide the information necessary for correct performance of measurement processes and proper use of measurement systems.

The course is organized by AIM (Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia) to address the issue of residual stress and to discuss some practical cases, giving a wide view of applications of the strain gage technique for measuring residual stresses.
Emilio Valentini will deliver the presentation entitled “Strain gage techniques and standards”.

Development of the new system for measuring drilling resistance of stone materials and mortars, the DRMS Cordless, has been completed.

The new system, which is lighter and more versatile, has a number of new features. For details, see “Off-the-shelf products”.