DRILL 7 Software

The DRILL 7 is the new software DRMS Cordless software developed by SINT Technology. This software has several important features:

  • Compete setup of the test (drilling parameters, depth and so on)
  • Possibility to add filtering options and high acquisition frequency
  • Automatic storage of the values during the measurement
  • Real-time visualization of the data
  • Customized database of tested materials
  • Complete calculation of the results
  • Possibility to extract a set of statistical indices

The drilling test is managed automatically by the software that acquires the data from the DRMS machine in real time; the test starts when the desired rotation speed is reached and the surface of the material under test is found.

All data are stored in a database and can be viewed in different configurations; it’s also possible to view a single hole and modify its properties, such as filtering and testing parameters.

The software also allows to load multiple tests in a single graph in order to perform an easy comparison between different holes, and to plot an averaged curve.

However, some materials (e.g. mortars and concrete) show high fluctuations in the drilling resistance around the mean value, due to their intrinsic non homogeneity: these materials need to be characterized not only with average parameters but also through statistical indices that take into account the non-uniformity of the material.

When this option is selected, a set of statistical data is calculated automatically by the software. It’s also possible to view the data of a set of holes in a histogram graph with the related statistical box-plot representation, and an optional gaussian distribution curve can be overlaid to estimate the data deviation.

All the results obtained with this test can be exported in different formats for further analysis and elaboration; by the way, it’s also possible to correct the abrasion effect of the material on the drill bit through a dedicated correction algorithm.