Cultural heritage conservation

SINT Technology works in the field of analysis and diagnostics of materials and structures of historic buildings.

Nowadays it is really important to know the main rules related to the maintenance and conservation of cultural heritage, especially when historical buildings and monuments need to be tested and evaluated in their state of conservation.

Thanks to the realization of a special system dedicated to this purpose, the DRMS Cordless, SINT Technology is able to answer those needs: over the past years the Company gained a considerable experience in the field of cultural heritage conservation and now is able to solve all the problems related to the structural survey, diagnosis of materials and building components, with a strong knowledge of the practical risks of conservation and restoration.

This kind of investigation is a non-destructive test and it allows to preserve the longevity of materials, surfaces of artistic value and historical buildings.

Moreover, the conservation of cultural heritage involves the diagnosis of several range of materials, and the analysis of consolidation treatments is very important: the DRMS Cordless is used to verify the effectiveness of such treatments, the drilling resistance of materials, micro-structural modifications and the decay state of different surfaces.

Cultural heritage device treatment

This is a typical DRMS Cordless test result which shows the capability of the system to evaluate the drilling resistance in the depth of the material, and to compare the results in different points. The system allows both laboratory tests and on-site measurements: the conservation of cultural heritage requires several on site test, and the DRMS has a very good portability since it’s quite light (approx. 5 kg.) and can be transported in hard-access zones, with possibility to carry out measurements in different directions.