The DRMS Cordless System

The DRMS Cordless (Drilling Resistance Measurement System) is a device designed to perform simple but specific drilling resistance measurements.

With this test it’s possible to characterize different types of materials (mainly natural stones, rocks, mortars) in order to obtain information about the mechanical properties and the performance of the material with its consolidating treatments, both in the lab and on site.

The test consists in drilling a small hole at a set constant rotational speed and penetration rate and in measuring the penetration force versus depth.

The main advantages of the system are the following:

  • Fully portable and stand-alone system for laboratory and field tests (battery operated)
  • Direct measurement of the Force (Drilling Resistance) necessary to drill the material
  • For some materials, this value can be correlated with the UCS (Uniaxial Compressive Strength)
  • Calibrated load cell for the measurement of the Force
  • Possibility to perform drilling tests in any direction
  • Use of diamond drill bits to reduce the wear effect, with possibility to correct the abrasivity effect by software
  • Constant operating conditions (rotational speed and penetration rate), set by the operator before starting the measurement

For additional technical information it’s also possible to visit the dedicated website