Acquisition and elaboration system for the acoustic emissions for long-term monitoring of suction and discharge cylinder valves on reciprocating compressors.


VMS is an acoustic emissions data acquisition and recording system used for long term monitoring wear status of suction and discharge cylinder valves on reciprocating compressors. Its architecture allows to monitor machines operating in hazardous area. VMS is composed by:

  • Acoustic emissions sensors able to sense signals connected with the gas flow through the compressor suction and discharge valves
  • Key phasor sensor for rotational speed measurement
  • ATEX approved junction box containing signal conditioners installed nearby the machine
  • Acquisition, recording and storage cabinet installed in the safe control room which includes a PC running the software and NI SCXI platform for signal acquisition

The software has been developed to real-time monitor the valves acoustic emissions and record data in a dedicated database. The historical data are available from the VMS software itself or from remote third party software for further analysis.

Software features:

  • Real-time acoustic signals monitoring (time and angle domain)
  • Historical data visualization
  • Average and variance of the acquired signals inside a machine full revolution and calculated on the user defined number of revolutions
  • Calculation of the maximum value and areas subtended by the average value curve, for four angle intervals set by the user
  • On demand and timed signals recording