Automated system for the calibration procedures of speed and acceleration sensors.


The calibration of vibration sensors (accelerometers and velocimeters) could be a time consuming procedure and its accuracy affects the vibration measures carried out with the sensor itself.

V-CAL is an automatic probes calibration system that allows to perform human unsupervised and high precision calibration plan in few seconds.

The system is composed by a shaker with the reference probe and the probe to calibrate installed on, a NI cDAQ chassis with a NI 9234 accelerometers acquisition module and NI 9263 analog output module, an amplifier to drive the shaker and a PC running the software.

Through the dedicated interface the user can define a custom calibration plan composed by steps. Each step is defined by excitation frequency and amplitude. Once the calibration starts the system carries out the calibration plan step by step, driving the shaker through the analog output module and elaborating the accelerometers signals. In order to increase the calibration accuracy the system perform a closed loop control on the reference probe measured amplitude.

Main features:

  • Customizable calibration plan in terms of frequency and amplitude
  • Customizable FFT calculation parameters
  • Closed loop control on reference probe measured amplitude to strongly meet the user defined calibration amplitude
  • Real-time monitoring graph (time and frequency domain)
  • Real-time calibration results visualization
  • Calibration of accelerometers and velocimeters
  • Final calibration plan report in txt format

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