Thermal Plant Evaluator

Software for the long-term real-time evaluation of the performance parameters for a whole plant or single machine.


Thermal Plant Evaluator is a cost effective long term performance monitoring software for machines.

The cost effectiveness and the plant efficiency are the major parameters on which the plant managers focus their attention to evaluate the plant performance indexes, through long data elaboration.

Thermal Plant Evaluator platform transfers SINT Technology’s experience in field performance testing into a Windows OS software suite that allows for the continuous monitoring of a power plant or of a single unit.
The results are immediately at disposal in a real time format to the control system operator and plant management to set priorities in plant maintenance actions, optimizing efficiency efforts and load Energy optimizations.

Platform main features:

  • Acquire plant and machines data from already installed Distributed Control System (DCS) through the most used industrial communication protocol (OPC DA, ModBUS, EGD, Profibus, etc.).
  • Support for most popular additional acquisition hardware such as KeySight data logger, Yokogawa wattmeter etc.
  • Real-time monitoring of both acquired data and calculated performances through synoptic viewers
  • Recording of both acquired data and calculated performances
  • Navigation of historical data through trend viewers (optimized for management of years of data)
  • Historical data export in text format
  • Performance calculation reference parameters editable by user in real-time
  • Optional tool for remote data navigation

 Available calculations:

  • Thermodynamic properties of gaseous mixtures and water/steam according to the major equation of state of real gases
  • Gas turbine exhaust mass flow calculation by energy balance
  • Gas turbine exhaust mass flow by HRSG energy balance
  • Fuel gas stoichiometric combustion calculation
  • Centrifugal compressor performance evaluation
  • Compressor maps and operative point
  • Steam turbine performance calculation
  • Steam turbine expansion line and efficiencies evaluation
  • Calculation of the steam quality at the steam turbine exhaust by energy balance
  • Mass flow direct calculations according to ISO 5167 code
  • Mass flow indirect calculation by energy balance (for example over heat exchangers)

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