A data acquisition and analysis system to analyse gas turbines combustion chamber pressure fluctuations.


SESTA FFT is a data acquisition and analysis system for gas turbines combustion chamber pressure fluctuations. The gas turbine combustion quality mainly depends on:

  • Combustion chamber pressure
  • Temperature
  • Air flow speed inside the combustor
  • Stoichiometry ratio
  • Combustible type

Small variations in the parameters mentioned above could bring to combustion instability and therefore to pressure fluctuations inside the combustion chamber.
The acquisition and analysis of these fluctuations is important in order to measure the quality of the combustion and prevent breaks due to excited resonance frequencies.
The system is composed by a NI cRIO chassis with two NI 9234 accelerometers acquisition module and, a NI 9481 digital output module and a software running on PC for data visualization and acquisition control.
Thanks to the cRIO platform the system can also record data in stand-alone manner.
The software provides also useful tools for recorded raw and elaborated data navigation. Main feature:

  • Dedicated user interface for real-time monitoring, recording control and recorded data navigation
  • Stand-alone recording mode
  • Raw data and elaborated data recording
  • Real-time data monitoring and recording control from third party software through OPC DA protocol
  • The software is provided with LabVIEW API for loss less raw data streaming to third party software (used as data collector)
  • Recorded data visualization through dedicated graphs and playback functionality

Signal Elaborations:

  • Pressure fluctuations Time domain RMS
  • FFT analysis
  • RMS evaluated in the frequency domain inside user defined frequency bands
  • Maximum Peak detection inside defined frequency bands
  • Averaged FFT Waterfall recording
  • Averaged FFT Peak Hold Waterfall recording

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