Atex system for real-time acquisition, visualization and analysis of reciprocating compressors behaviour.


Reciprocating compressors are often some of the most critical systems at a production facility. Due to many factors, adequacy of maintenance practices and operational factors, industrial facilities can expect widely varying lifecycle costs and reliability from their own installations. RCX is actually the only system for reciprocating compressors analysis ATEX approved, composed by a portable acquisition hardware based on NI cRIO architecture and a Windows OS software for real-time visualization, processing and recording control. The NI cRIO platform allows the system to be used both as a stand-alone recording system or a user driven system through the dedicated software. Acquisition hardware features

  • Portable
  • Multichannel (up to 16 chs)
  • Hazardous Area approved (Ex nA e i IIC T3)
  • Stand-alone recording
  • Wireless connection to PC
  • Ex ia sensors
  • Up to 12 Dynamic pressure probes
  • IEPE Accelerometers
  • Velocimeters
  • Tacho probe (i.e. optical, magnetic and inductive probe)

Recorded data:

  • Cylinder pressure (indicated cycle)
  • Suction and discharge pressure
  • High Frequency Vibration
  • Rod-drop and run-out

Software features:

  • Dedicated user interface
  • Advanced real-time data view capabilities (cylinder pressure in angle, stroke and volume domain, vibration and pressure in time and frequency domain, theoretical cycle overlay etc.)
  • Valve cover temperature collection
  • Valve cover vibration analysis
  • Real-time performance parameters calculation (leaking valves and rings, cylinder and piping pulsations, mechanical looseness, horsepower and capacity variances etc.)

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