Probe Positioner

Two axis probe positioning system with customizable and automated movement plan.


During prototyping phase of machines such as centrifugal compressors, the spatial resolution of temperature, pressure and gas flow angle measurements is crucial.

In order to have a reliable characterization of the model under test the amount of probes required could increase considerably, increasing also the hardware needed for cabling, the number of data acquisition channels and work force for the installation.

Probe Positioner is thought to increase the spatial resolution of the measurements without increase the number of sensors to use, through a two axes probes positioner.

The hardware is provided with an easy to use PC software that allows moving the probes in the desired location simply setting the two axes target, or defining a movement plan the software executes automatically.
The software allows the usage of more Probe Positioner hardware at the same time. Main features:

  • Two axis probes movement
  • 100mm translation and 180° rotation
  • Hardware provided with Ethernet connectivity for an easy installation and configuration
  • Dedicated user interface for manually set the axes target or define a movement plan to be executed automatically
  • Hardware and software customized based on user requirements