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Acquisition system with special high temperature sensors used to analyse data during security fire tests on the Rome Subway line C.


The software and hardware platform was used as data acquisition and monitoring system in order to validate the Rome subway C line design in terms of fire safety.
The experiment was conducted on a 110 meters long 1:1 subway scale model, with three different fire triggers type:

  • Natural trigger simulating an abnormal operating condition
  • Forced trigger increasing the subway car underbody temperature
  • Malicious trigger firing up a fuel tank inside the subway car

SINT Technology provided the acquisition hardware based on National Instruments Field Point platform, special sensors designed for working at high temperature and the software platform for collecting data from Field Point hardware and third party acquisition systems.

Measurement types:

  • Tunnel temperature
  • Combustion gas concentration and speed
  • Light intensity inside the emergency exit

Because of the unrepeatability of the experiment the solution was designed for the highest availability possible in terms of both hardware and software design.

Software platform:

  • Field Point embedded software for signals acquisition and data recording on device memory
  • Windows PC software for data retrieving from Field Point and third party devices (PLC and Java developed software)
  • Multi Instance Windows PC software for data visualization on synoptic and trend viewers

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