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Measurement and analysis of torque and torsional vibrations

Measurement and analysis of torque and torsional vibrations

Torque measurement

Torque measurement is used to evaluate transmitted mechanical power.
It is very useful whenever we want to know the power delivered by a machine or the power used for its operation (contract warranties, high inputs, etc.).
SINT Technology can make torque meters at the customer’s request directly instrumenting the transmission coupling or shaft (a typical example is the transmission coupling between an electric motor or an internal combustion engine and a driven machine).
In addition, SINT Technology can calibrate torque meters using its own calibration facility.

Torsional vibration analysis

Torsional vibration analysis is an important diagnostic instrument for identifying irregularities during operation of a machine that can lead to damage to rotating parts.
Torsional vibrations cause stresses that add to stress caused by normal rotational motion.
Torsional vibration analysis can be a valid instrument for studying various problems that affect machines:
  • High gear noise
  • Accelerated gear wear
  • Gear tooth failure
  • Transmission coupling damage
  • Deformation of keys
  • Coupling hub creep
  • Accelerated wear of electric motor windings
  • 45° shaft fatigue failure
  • Power fluctuations
SINT can measure the torsional vibrations with strain gauge method (with telemetry system) or with zebra-tape and optical probe.


Telemetry Data transmission

Torque and torsional vibration are measured with the aid of telemetry data transmission systems.
SINT Technology has various telemetry systems and processing software capable of performing torsional analyses on a wide range of machinery.
  • Battery systems
  • Inductive systems for long term monitoring
The data transmission and acquisition systems have the following characteristics:
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Can be fitted on any diameter of shaft
  • Straightforward to use
  • Accurate transmission of very low level signals (from strain gauge bridges)
  • High noise immunity and disturbance immunity.
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