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Strain gauge measurements

The electrical resistance strain gauge technique is based on measuring the variation in electrical resistance undergone by a strain gauge grid, which is bonded to the component under analysis and subjected to strain.
It is a test method that makes it possible to measure strain and analyse stress on any material, in actual operating conditions, even in hostile environments.
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SINT Technology has a long track record in strain gauge measurement and over the years has developed various measurement techniques, also in collaboration with research centres and universities.
Typical strain gauge applications are:
  • Experimental stress analysis: installation, measurement and data analysis services both on site and in our laboratory
  • Modal analysis
  • Measurement of torque and torsional vibration analysis
  • Underwater applications
  • High temperature applications
  • Applications on pressure vessels
  • Applications on composite materials
  • Determination of residual stresses (Restan - MTS3000)
  • Production of strain gauge transducers (eg. load cells)

Strain gauge measurement examination centre

SINT Technology is examination centre in Italy, recognized by CIC-PND (the Italian Coordination Centre for Non-Destructive Testing), which conducts courses and first and second-level certification examinations for electrical resistance strain gauge testing engineers.
SINT Technology is also a member of AIAS (the Italian Association for Stress Analysis) and periodically organizes courses, study days and work groups on analysis of the behaviour of materials, components, structures and systems.
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