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Residual stresses

Ring Core: residual stress measurement system

This is a fully automatic system, developed by SINT Technology, for measuring residual stresses by the ring-core strain gauge method.
The ring core method is a mechanical technique for measuring residual stresses at a specified depth in a material. The technique is based on the linear theory of elasticity and consists in milling an annular groove to isolate a part of material on which a special strain gauge rosette is applied.
The variation in strain is recorded as a function of the groove depth by computer. The ring core technique can be used on metals, ceramics and on polymers, where the linear theory of elasticity can be applied.
residual stresses
SCRX. Materials tester for X-ray diffraction tests
This compact little tester was designed to check stress values measured by the X-rayring core residual stresses diffraction technique.

It is a 4-point bending machine that can be used on metal specimens from 0.5 to 2 mm thick,  continuously measuring applied force and resulting displacement. An extremely compact mechanical structure has been created  so that the instrument may be mounted on machine supports for X-ray  diffraction tests.

The instrument has the following main features:
  • Applied force is measured by a specially designed load cell (maximum load 200-300 N)
  • Possible displacement of ± 2mm in relation to the central reference point
  • Possibility of applying load in two directions
  • Dc micro gear motor drive
  • Position measurement with custom-built, miniaturized encoder
  • Stroke adjuster with hardware and software trip
  • Load cell signal conditioners
  • Signal conditioner for the strain gauge sensor fitted on the specimen
  • Digital signal interface for checking movements to the data acquisition board


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