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Measuring and testing laboratory

SINT Technology conducts laboratory tests on its own premises and on site.
Site tests actually account for the majority of testing and comprise various typologies:

- performance tests on machine and plant
- reciprocating compressor diagnostics
- experimental stress analysis (strain gage measurements, residual stresses)
- experimental modal analysis (strain gage measurements, residual stresses)
- torque and torsional vibration
- vibration measurements
- noise measurements
- other measurements

SINT Technology has developed a remote measurement and acquisition system for torque and torsional vibration analysis and software programs for measuring vibration phenomena in machinery and for the balancing of machinery.

The company can provide a wide range of strain measurement products and services and has outstanding competencies in use of electrical resistance strain gages for stress analysis even in complex applications. In fact, stress measurement applications are not restricted to only industrial machinery but extend to the most diverse applications requiring particular sensitivity and meticulous measurement practice.

In testing, SINT can provide customers with assistance in preparation of measurement operations, design and engineering, management and performance of testing, analysis of test results and examination of any corrective action.

All measurement services