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Vibration measurement and analysis

Vibration measurement and analysis

Vibration measurements in industrial environments

Vibration measurement and analysis is an important instrument for characterization, monitoring and diagnostics of machinery, structures and plants.
SINT Technology has many years of experience in study and analysis of vibration and can provide a comprehensive solution to the problem.
The various services we offer in the vibration field are:
•      Diagnostics of rotating and reciprocating machinery
•      Rotor trim balancing
•      Measurement and analysis of torsional vibration
•      Theoretical analysis of the critical speeds of a rotor (lateral analysis)
•      Advanced experimental modal analysis (determination of natural frequencies, of mode shapes, damping, real-time animation of structures, etc.)
•      Troubleshooting
•      Predictive monitoring
•      Dynamic characterization of anti-vibration materials (mats for rail infrastructures, rubber surfacing for play parks, etc.)
•      Calibration of vibration transducers (accelerometers, velocimeters)

Vibration in working envinronments

Evaluation of the risk of exposure to vibration
Specific methodologies are used to identify and evaluate the risks associated with hand-arm vibration (HAV) and whole-body vibration (WBV) and specific protection measures, which are documented in a risk assessment report (see brochure).

Vibration measurements in living environments

In recent years, the issue of vibrations in buildings has become increasingly more important both on account of the different structural typology of modern constructions, which are slimmer and lighter, and due to the increase in the sources of vibration, particularly those generated by human activity:
  • Vehicle traffic, particularly rail traffic (trains, trams, undergrounds) or heavy road traffic (lorries, buses);
  • Fixed machinery installed in plants (hammers, presses, machine tools etc.);
  • Building work and road works (excavation, pile-driving, etc.).

Such sources can cause both disturbance to occupants and damage to constructions. Thanks to many years of experience and use of special instrumentation, SINT Technology can provide an extremely competent service both in analysing and evaluating disturbance and in evaluating the effects vibration causes on buildings in conformity with current international standards.

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