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Noise Measurements and Sound intensity measurements

SINT Technology, thanks to skilled acoustical engineers, can provide complete services in the acoustic, comprising:
  • Study and measurement of environmental noise
  • Sound Pressure Level (SPL) measurements and monitoring
  • Sound intensity level measurements
  • Noise analysis, monitoring, diagnosis and study of corrective actions
  • Noise reduction
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Measurement and analysis of the noise

Industrial and environmental noise is one of the parameters that most affects the environment in which we live. It is important that it be kept under control by both machinery and plant manufacturers and users.
Prior to commissioning a new or expanded industrial plant, planning permission is required. This requires the prediction of future noise levels due to new or changed sources. Prior to commissioning, levels are controlled to ensure compliance. And, once in operation, rating levels can be controlled to ensure continued compliance or as the result of a complaint.
Reliable, accurate noise measurement is essential for detecting the sources of noise and therefore for finding solutions, but also for checking compliance with design specifications and statutory requirements.

Sound intensity measurements

Often, in the industrial plants, the evaluation of the noise emitted by a single component (i.e. pumps, compressors, etc…) in presence of the others components/machines, that are not possible to deactivate, is a big problem!
Particularly, the presence of background noise and/or the reverberant ambient, can’t permit to measure the sound power level, and hence the sound pressure level, emitted by the source with standard procedures based on sound level meter.

In these cases, the sound intensity method presents remarkable advantages! The measurements of the sound intensity level are carried out in compliance with ISO 9614 standards. The main applications are:

  • Industrial acoustic:
    • In situ measurement of sound power levels
    • Noise sources identification
    • Sound intensity Mapping
    • Determine the directionality of sound, and localize noise "hot spots"
    • Noise emission in the environment by equipment for use outdoors – Directive 2000/14/EC
  • Building acoustic:
    • Sound reduction index (Rw)
    • Determination of contribution of each surface element to the sound reduction index.

Evaluation of the risk of exposure to noise at the workplace

SINT can perform an accurate and detailed evaluation and prevention of exposure to noise at the workplace.
Based on experience acquired over the years, SINT Technology provides necessary directions on the corrective actions that employers can take to comply with current regulations:
  • Noise mapping
  • Identification of the most suitable action to reduce noise emissions
  • Design of noise and vibration mitigation measures



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