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Reciprocating compressor diagnostics

How to check the reciprocating compressor machine conditions

SINT Technology has a long in-depth experience in reciprocating compressor diagnostics built in over twenty years of practice in this service.
In particular SINT Technology has developed data acquisition and diagnostics systems specially designed for reciprocating compressors.

We offer specific competencies and consolidated procedures for development of monitoring activities applied to reciprocating compressors in industrial service and for trouble shooting.
SINT Technology can provide a wide range of reciprocating compressor diagnostics services, including:
  • measurement of absolute pressure vs. piston displacement
  • measurement and analysis of vibration
  • measurement and analysis of pressure pulsations
  • measurement and analysis of torque and torsional vibration
  • Acoustic emissions of valves
  • Experimental modal analysis
  • Performance analysis (volumetric efficiency, flow rate, compression ratio, etc.)
  • Predictive monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Rod-Drop
  • Run-out


Reciprocating compressor indicated cycle

Reciprocating compressor: rod-drop and run-out


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