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PSU - PSU system (Positioning System Unit)
The PSU is an automatic modular multi-axis positioning system.
It is typically applied for:
  • Positioning ultrasonic probes
  • Positioning fluid dynamic probes
  • Positioning for inspections in various industrial applications.
Positioning repeatability is 0.01 mm; the maximum translation speed is 50 mm/s.
The software is developed in National Instruments LabVIEW™ environment and comprises an application for configuration and control of the motion system.
Positioning device for photographic equipment used in prevention of melanoma
A camera positioning device with 5 axes (3 cartesian planes for translation and 2 for rotation of the camera), has been developed and refined for use as part of a system for prevention of melanoma requiring patients to be photographed in exactly the same position at regular intervals of six or twelve months.
Probe positioners
Positioning devices with two axes for moving fluid dynamic probes. The system allows stem probes to be moved with a 100mm translation and 180° rotation.


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