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Level I strain gauge course and examination

The course is designed for engineers and technicians involved in the selection and installation of strain gauges and comprises theoretical and practical instruction.
Training program:

  • The state of strain
  • Continuum mechanics
  • The principle of operation of electrical resistance strain gages
  • Strain gage design
  • Strain gage selection criteria
  • Surface preparation
  • Application of strain gages
  • Checking installation of strain gages
  • Protecting strain gages
  • Measurement chain
  • Practical applications.
The course lasts a total of 24 hours split over 3 days.
A first level certificate is issued based on the results of an examination which follows the course. To qualify for the examination, candidates must first have attended the course and have gained a minimum of experience in strain gauge measurement of about 1 to 2 months depending on the candidate’s educational qualifications.
Certification is extremely important as:
  • it demonstrates your competency as a strain gauge engineer
  • the accuracy of measurements greatly depends on the knowledge, skill and sensitivity of the measurement engineer.
The course and the examination are conducted in accordance with standard ISO 9712:2005.
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