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DRMS Cordless

The DRMS (Drilling Resistance Measurement System), patented, produced and developed by SINT Technology, is designed to measure the drilling resistance of stone materials (stone and marble) and mortars.
DRMS Cordless

The system measures the force needed for drilling and the position of the bit during drilling and is equipped with a software program that allows continuous recording and monitoring of that force in relation to advancement of the bit.
The speed of rotation and penetration speed are kept constant during testing.
The measurement system can be used either for in-situ tests or for lab tests; special polycrystalline diamond bits prevent wear trouble during testing.
The portability and light weight (approx. 5 kg.) of the instrument make it possible to carry out measurements in various directions and also in hard-access zones.
DRMS Cordless
The main features of the instrument are:
  • The speed of rotation is established by the operator prior to drilling; the range is from 20 to 1000 rpm and set speed is kept constant during drilling
  • The penetration speed is set by the operator before drilling; the range is from 1 to 80 rpm and set speed is kept constant during drilling
  • Measurable force range from 1 to 100 N
  • Travel span from 0 to 50 mm.
  • Diamond type drilling bits: size range from 3 to 10 mm in diameter
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